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Quick, Visual, Collaborative & Continuous

Product Design

Collaborative, iterative and validated User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design for Web, application and mobile products for consumer, enterprise and B2B products.

Lane is absolutely amazing. I've worked with her on 2 different projects over the last year (we re-hired her after the first project, which was a HUGE success). She consistently delivers high quality results on-time and is a huge asset to any agile development team. She is a pleasure to work with and is truly inspiring -- I have learned a ton from working with her. I am definitely looking forward to working with Lane again in the future.

—Allison Saltzman, Product Manager, ZestFinance

UX Coaching

User Experience coaching and mentorship for Lean Startup and Agile projects. Teams that work with me experience an increase in harmony, productivity, sense of purpose and fun.

"@thinknow is to #startups what chlorophyll is to photosynthesis @Lean"

Adam Berk, Founder ALBUMpl.us, neigh*borrow

Speaking & Workshops

Popular speaker and teacher on topics of Agile/UX integration, Lean User Experience, Customer Development, Lean Startup. Event organizer and hackathon mentor.

"[Lane's workshop was]...one of the most informative, action-packed and fun workshops I have ever attended! It gave me a really good foundation and excitement to move forward and be continuously learning! AND I met such great people!"

Keka Marzagao, Entrepreneur & Interactive Creative/Art Director